Board Summary for Trello

The Board Summary for Trello extension for Google Chrome displays summary data for Trello boards, including lists, cards, checklists, and due dates. The extension also allows for creating nested boards, i.e. cards that reference other boards.

Board Summary for Trello Features

Display Board Summary on Trello home boards and team pages

Summary data is retrieved and displayed for Trello boards, including lists, cards, checklists, percent complete, and due dates for cards in the board. Options are available to configure board summaries as desired.

Board summary example

Creating nested boards example

Create Nested Boards (cards that reference other boards)

Any Trello card can be turned into a reference to another board - a nested board. When creating a nested board, a card with checklists/items can be promoted to a new board with lists/cards.

Display Nested/Parent Boards on Trello board pages

Nested board cards display the board summary for that board, and clicking on the card links to the nested board. If the current board is nested on another board, links are displayed to those parent boards.

Nested boards example

Install and Setup Extension

Chrome Web Store

1. Install Extension

Using Google Chrome, install the Board Summary for Trello extension from the Chrome Web Store link above.


2. Visit Trello Site

Go to the Trello site, login to your Trello account, and the Board Summary extension will start working (no special login is required).

Chrome Web Store

3. Configure Options

Configure the extension options to your liking. Detailed descriptions for all of the available options is available here.